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Features of VPL

Learn what you like,
and build up
Japanese language skills.

Vantan Professional Language School is Japanese language school, born with our dearest wish for motivated international students all over the world to experience the unique, creative and practical education only Vantan can provide.

  • Japanese language school produced by the ''Vantan''

    VPL is run by grouping vocational schools called Vantan, covers the entire creative area of education in fashion design, hair and makeup, nail-art, game, Anime, Manga, voice acting, café management and more.

  • Goal-Directed Courses

    From Basic Japanese language skills, manners in Japan, and through a professional skill of creative area you are interested in, we provide very unique course variations.

  • Fulfilling Support

    Learning pathways, your future career, accommodations, we support you widely and dedicatedly.

about VPL

Course Introdution

Vantan's unique
Goal-Directed Courses

The education at Vantan Professional Language School is not all about Japanese language skills. Japanese youth-culture, manners in daily life and in business scenes, our education let you to have a rich contact to Japanese culture. Moreover, at Vantan, you can also design your Japanese language study with our various creative classes of Japanese fashion design, hair and makeups, games, Manga, Patissier, and so on as you like. These creative skills you gain at Vantan can be very useful in the future in your home country, or even to seek the opportunity to work in Japan.

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Q&AFrequently asked questions

I am not sure if I can follow the Japanese classes…
Not only the great lecturers, there are also staffs who support your daily student life at Vantan professional Language School. We understand your anxiety, however, we have supportive environment for all students to build up Japanese language skills. We also recommend to study JLPT N5 level of Japanese in advance for those who especially feeling uneasy.
Is Vantan Professional Language School a vocational school?
No, it is a Japanese language school. We provide classes to learn Japanese language skills. Besides that Japanese language study, you can also add Japanese professional skill classes at extra cost at VPL.
Is it possible to advance my education to universities/vocational schools in Japan?
Yes, it is possible. The entrance fee exemption is available for those who wish to enroll Vantan Design Institute and Vantan Game Academy after graduating from VPL, it is valuable for students specialized in fashion, hair and makeup, game, Anime, and Manga.
How can I apply to a student visa?
Please start preparing all the documents required to apply to a student visa. There are study abroad agents to support your visa application. If you are not sure about the agents, please contact us for further information.
What do I do with my prepared visa application form?
Vantan Professional Language School will take charge of applying your student visa to Immigration Bureau. Please submit your completed visa application form to us.
By when do I need to submit my visa application to VPL?
An examination takes time, please file it to us 5 months before your desired month of enrollment. In particular, if October admission: by May, if April admission: by previous year November to submit the application to us.
Will you introduce me a place to live?
Yes. We have a cooperating company that support your new life in various ways, such as introducing an accommodation, rental furniture and electronic appliance (at extra cost), picking up at the airport (at extra cost), and so on.
Those services are available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
Can I have a part-time job in Japan?
Yes, you can. You can also have an introducing support of part-time jobs by a cooperating company if you wish. However, please note that there is a limitations to work hours, student visa holders cannot work more than 28 hours per week. Please contact us for further information.
How much a living cost would be in a month?
Living cost differs widely depending on where you live, however, around 100,000yen ~ 150,000yen would be a standard expenses for a month including rents, food expenses, utilities, mobile bills, transportation fees, and spending money.

about Vantan

Vantan is private-run educational institutes with over 6000 of current students. Our education spreads widely in the creative area. By providing a practical education close to real work scenes, we nurture immediately effective players for creative industry. Ever since our establishment in 1965 in Ebisu, Tokyo, Vantan have produced more than 190000 of talented creators.


The School building is fully equipped for various workshops and specialized courses. It locates within very easy acsess of Shibuya, Daikanyama.