1-3-4 Ebisu-nishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0021
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School life

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The school is located in an area known as Japan’s fashion capital and the epicenter of youth culture, making school life full of discoveries and fun even after school and on weekends.


Have fun at the epicenter of “Kawaii” culture in Japan!

Packed with cute and stylish stores, Takeshita-dori of Harajuku is a popular area where you can enjoy shopping and eating. It’s just a 5-minute train ride from the school.


Where the latest trends and technology of Japan come together. The world’s busiest crossing is located here!

Only a 2-minute train ride away from the school, you will find the infamous crossing with the world’s busiest traffic. The city is packed with the latest entertainment and shopping destinations, and is popular to both locals and visitors.


With refined streets and an elegant atmosphere, it is a popular spot among adults.

A 5-minute walk from the school where stylish cafes and boutiques gather. With many foreigners living in the area, it has an international vibe.


A neighborhood with lots of stylish cafes, variety stores, and celebrities!

Naka-meguro is located along Meguro River, which is famous for its cherry blossoms during the spring. You can find lots of stylish cafes and stores, and bump into celebrities living in the area.


A popular neighborhood selected as one of the top places to live.

Ebisu is home to many stylish and unique stores. It is also widely known as a neighborhood where celebrities live, making it one of the top places people want to live in.


A city connecting the latest arts and business.

A neighborhood where famous companies and art museums reside together. Take a stroll nearby and enjoy shopping at high-end malls and high-quality restaurants.

Annual events

Students can take part in annual events held by Vantan’s other schools. Through these events, students can interact with Japanese students and learn not just the language but the culture as well.


Entrance ceremony

An entrance ceremony with over 1,000 students from all Vantan schools.


Get-together party

A party organized by fellow students to get to know each other.



A BBQ party for freshmen to gather and have fun.

Venus Summer Festival

Venus Summer Festival is a popular event that is featured through several Japanese media. Held every July, it features activities such as a fashion show, beauty show, exhibits, dance show, and live performances.



Exhibition at Tokyo Game Show

Games made by Vantan Game Academy students, as well as games made in collaboration with major companies, are exhibited at Tokyo Game Show, one of the three largest game shows in the world.


Halloween party

Vantan’s very own unique costume party.


Vantan Design Institute is a top-ranking school with 52 years of history in the fashion and beauty industry. Bringing the largest number of students together, it introduces students’ fashion/design collection.


Christmas party

A party full of shows and displays by students.


Graduation ceremony

A new beginning starts from here!

Vantan Graduate Exhibition

An event where all students of Vantan participate in their final year, to present their skills learned through their school life. Exhibits include fashion, hair & makeup, game, animation and pastry making.