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Introducing Vantan Inc.

Introducing Vantan Inc.

What is Vantan?

Established in 1965, Vantan is a company focusing in education in the creative industry. Through a curriculum dedicated to practical studies lead by industry professionals, it currently holds 6,000 students and over 190,000 graduates that have pursued paths in various creative fields.

of history
(Established in 1965)

Current number of students:

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Schools managed by Vantan Inc.

Vantan Professional Language School

Pursue your interest and turn it into a career

FashionVantan Design Institute

A comprehensive school of design, focusing on fashion, hair & makeup, wedding, graphic design, photography and film production.

GameVantan Game Academy

Specializes in digital contents such as game, animation, manga, voice acting and more.


Vantan Professional Language School


Pursue your interest and turn it into a career

BeautyVenus Academy

A home for beauty and cosmetology, covering nail art, esthetics, fashion, hair & makeup and bridal coordination.

Culinary artsL’ecole Vantan

Focuses on pastry arts, baking, café management, cooking, food coordination and more.

Vantan Inc. is part of Japan’s largest holding company Kadokawa Dwango Group

With an annual revenue of 200 billion yen, Kadokawa Dwango Group is one of Japan’s largest holding company established in October 2014 as a merger between Kadokawa Corporation (publishing and media company) and Dwango Co., Ltd. (IT company specializing in network gaming). The group provides various services such as the management of websites, publications, visuals, games and schools, and continue to thrive with innovative services to create new culture and values.

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Courses after graduation

Students wishing to continue their studies in fashion, hair & makeup, game, animation and manga to pursue a job in these fields can attend Vantan’s schools below, where professionals from each field teach their latest knowledge and skills. Entrance fee is exempted.*Schools other than Vantan are open for option.


Vantan Design Institute

Focuses on fashion, hair & makeup, wedding, graphic design, photography and film production.

All instructors are current professionals

Since its establishment in 1965, the school continues to maintain its belief of “education led by professionals” by hiring some of the best professionals as teachers.

Offers small classes for individual assistance

Vantan offers small-scaled classes to ensure every student receives individual guidance based on their personality and circumstances.

Sessions connecting different fields

Just like the actual professional field, students from different majors work together to come up with a creation.

A great variety of field training

Vantan provides many opportunities for students to debut their works in costume design, styling, hair & makeup and more, for TV, magazines, shows and musicians.

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Vantan Game Academy

Specializes in digital contents, including game, animation and voice acting.

All instructors are current professionals

“To be a professional, learn from a professional.” Vantan provides an environment that brings professionals to the classroom to offer direct guidance on the latest techniques and knowledge of the industry.

Practical education

Students have many opportunities to team up with students from different majors to present group creations.

Small classes

With an average of 15 to 25 students in a class, teachers can provide individual guidance based on each student’s personality.

Business collaboration curriculum

With the help of top industry companies, numerous projects in collaboration with those companies are offered as part of the curriculum.

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